Refreshing greens for a summer day...

Above: Sonia Delaunay, watercolor on paper, 1924

Above: Henri Matisse "Trivaux Pond" 1916/1917, Collection of the Tate Museum

Above: Henri Matisse "Seated Nude" 1925, Private collection, photograph by Marina Schinz

Above: Richard Serra "Untitled" 1971, Private collection, photograph by Marina Schinz

Above: by Lucio Fontana, Concept Spatiale.

Above: Via bldgspace

Above: Henri Matisse "Laurette in a Green Robe (Black Background)", 1916, Metropolitan Museum

Above: Cy Twombly "Untitled Parts III and IV" 1988, oil and water based paint on wood panel.

Above: From World of Interiors "The House of Whispers". Located in Tangier,  designed by architect Roberto Peregalli. Photo by Roland Beaufre.

Above: Gustav Klimt "Pond at Schloss Kammer on the Attersee", 1909, Private collection

 Above: Peacock

Above: Joan Mitchell "After April, Bernie", 1987

Above: Claude Monet, "Water Lilies", 1906, Collection Art Institute of Chicago

Above: Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna

Above: Mossy forest

Above: David Hockney painting in Woldgate Wood, East Yorkshire, May 17 2006. Photo by Jean-Pierre Goncalves

Above: Neil Jenney "Here and There", 1969

Above: Pages from E. Seguy's "Code Universal Des Couleurs"

Above: Fibers dyed by Australian botanical alchemist India Flint.

Above: Weaving made from Liriope strands and string

Above: Alice Neel "Priscilla Johnson", 1966, Collection The Speed Art Museum.

Above: Paul Gauguin "Still Life With Three Puppies", 1888

Above: Freshly picked olives in a bucket

Above: Kitchen in Senegal

Above: Maira Kalman from her NY Times blog "And the Pursuit of Happiness".

Above: Pablo Picasso, "Green Still Life", 1914

Above: Joan Miro, "Gentleman", 1924

Above: "Green Interior", 2002, photo by Michael Eastman

Above: Attributed to Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy (1783-1873), "Interior with Woman Sewing", 1820s.  From the Metropolitan Museum Show "Room With a View, The Open Window in the 19th Century".

Above: Attributed to Martin Drolling (1752-1817), "Interior With View of Saint Eustache", 1810. From the Metropolitan Museum Show "Room With a View, The Open Window in the 19th Century".

Above: Balenciaga Salon photographed by Mark Shaw, 1954

Above: Kees van Dongen "Lady in a Black Hat", 1908

Above: Piece by Eileen Quinlan

Above: Green mineral found on tumblr

Above: Helen Frankenthaler "Spring Veil" 1986, Etching, aquatint, and drypoint on paper.

Above: Aurora Borealis

Above: Reinhard Pantke, Iceland

Above: James McNeill Whistler, "Nocturne: Blue and Gold - Old Battersea Bridge", 1872-1875

Above: Sir John Everett Millais (1829-1896), " Ophelia", 1852, Collection Tate Museum

Above: James McNeill Whistler, "Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket" 1875

Above: Peter Doig "Grande Riviere", 2001-2002 Detail

Above: Milton Avery "Dog by the Sea", 1941

Above: Claude Monet "The Green Wave" 1866-67, oil on canvas, collection Metropolitan Museum.

Above: Edouard Manet "The Balcony" 1868-1869

 Above: Canal in Amsterdam

Above: Bamboo forest in China

Above: Villa hotel Dar Louisa, Palmeraie area, Marrakech, Morocco

Above: Ken Price from show at Brooke Alexander April 2010

 Above: Maira Kalman from her NY times blog "And the Pursuit of Happiness"

 Above: Maira Kalman, from her NY Times blog "And the Pursuit of Happiness".

Above: Charles Burchfield "Road and Sky", 1917

 Above: Sheila Hicks, "Fallen Tree, Floating (green, gold)", 2009 Cotton, silk

Above: Henri Matisse detail from "The Eskimo" 1947, gouache on paper.