Above: Irving Penn, Summer Sleep, 1949

 Above: Sun tea we made on a very hot day visiting friends in the country.

Above: Wiliam Eggleston, Biloxi, Mississippi, 1974

Above: Central Park, July 2012

Above: Unknown

Above: Tomatoes at the Santa Barbara farmer's market.

Above: Pages from one of our vacation sketchbooks.

Above: Alice Mumford. Though this painting isn't on her Gallery's site, other pieces are.

Above: From Rooms to Inspire by the Sea by Annie Kelly with photos by Tim Street-Porter. This is from Chris Mead and Zoe Hoare's Sagaponack home. Those blue pitchers look as though they're waiting to be filled with bunches of flowers from the back yard.

Above: A Kitchen from the Light Locations site.

Above: An illustration from the cookbook "1080 Recipes" by Simone and Ines Ortega, illustrations by Javier Mariscal. This drawing creates a place I'd love to be.

Above: From a book by Francois Halard, this was taken in Cy Twombly's studio.

Above: From Rooms to Inspire by the Sea. This is John Derian's Living Room in Provincetown, looking out at the bay.

Above: Another image from Rooms to Inspire by the Sea. This is part of Richard Shapiro's Broad Beach home.

Above: John Singer Sargent, A Hotel Room, after 1900. This room looks like a cool retreat on a hot day.

Above: Henri Matisse, Window, 1916

Above: Unknown

Above: Edward Hopper, Rooms by the Sea, 1951

Above: Fairfield Porter, Boy at Breakfast, Parrish Art Museum, Southampton.

Above: Henri Matisse, Girls in a Yellow and Red Interior, 1947

Above: Milton Avery, Adolescence, 1947

Above: Ivon Hitchens, Summer Bouquet, Blue Vase, 1940

Above: Robert De Niro Sr., Last Painting, 1985-1993

Above: I was looking through Rooms to Inspire by the Sea when I happily came across this photo Tim Street-Porter took in our Kitchen! It's our sea glass collection, housed in a variety of wooden containers. 

Above: Part of last summer's beach collection.

Above: From our sketchbook, rocks with holes in them.

Above: A quiet moment on a nearby baseball field. 

Above: Maureen Gallace painting. I can't find the name or date, but you can see more of her work here.

Above: Edward Hopper, High Road, 1931

Above: This is a lovely spot in Provincetown on Cape Cod. The way the driveway between the houses is covered in grass is strikingly beautiful.

Above: Maureen Gallace, Icy Farm House, 2000, at 303 Gallery.

Above: Maureen Gallace, Cape Cod, 2008, at 303 Gallery.

Above: Fairfield Porter, The Dog at the Door, 1977, Parrish Art Museum.

Above: Robert De Niro, Sr., Landscape with Houses, 1968.

Above: You can just see my friend's house beyond the view of the seed capsules of a poppy. The blurred house is quite a bit like the houses in the De Niro painting above.

Above: Wild roses, Cape Cod

Above: Gustav Klimt, Farm Garden with Sunflowers, 1912

Above and below: Chamomile Flowers...a summer favorite, as they're delicate and have a natural wild look.

Above: On our Dining Table, white porcelain by Julia Haft-Candell from IKO IKO has the appeal of a child's drawing. The basket weave handle is a perfect place to put small flower stems.

Above: Egon Schiele, Sunflower, 1916, Collection of the Neue Gallerie, New York.

Above: Maureen Gallace, January Flowers.

Above: Walter Anderson, Goldenrod on Horn Island.

Above: Lichen on rocks at Porth Cwyfan near Aberffraw.

Above: Lichen

Above: Qi Wei, Exploded Flowers, as seen in Anthology Magazine.

Above: Fireflies at night by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu. There are many more astounding pictures on his site.

Above: Looking at Queen Anne's Lace from underneath.

Above: Unknown

Above: Path to beach, Wellfleet

Above: A family photo of me with my parents. I've always loved the flower dress my mom has on in this picture, and the one I'm wearing as well.

Above: A vintage jacket we found at American Rag.

Above: Adolphe Valette (1876-1942), Femme et Fleurs, 1937

Above: Liberty Tana Lawn fabric, "Poppy and Daisy".

Above: At Hollywood at Home they've used Lisa Fine's "Samode" Indigo on Oyster, paperbacked, on the wall. 

Above: A net like drapery fabric from Pindler & Pindler feels very summery.

Above: Schumacher makes this gauzy shear with an embroidered detail.

Above: The way gauze filters late afternoon light makes shadows that look like a window. 

Above: Unknown

Above: Beach Dunes, Cape Cod, 2012

Above: Nicolas De Stael

Above: Winslow Homer, Schooners at Anchor, 1880 

Above: Lucas Arruda, 2011

Above: Catherine Opie, Untitled #10, (Surfers), 2003

Above: Walter Anderson

Above: My husband's sketchbook page of waves.

Above: Harry Callahan, Cape Cod

Above: Sir John Lavery (1856-1941), Morning After Storm, The Beach Tangier

Above: Fairfield Porter, Beach

Above: Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975)