A wonderful event in a surprising location...Paramount Ranch, in Malibu. This is an old western town set where scores of movies and television shows were filmed. It was an exciting juxtaposition...seeing the town come to life with a crowd of artists and collectors filling the galleries that had taken over the storefronts, sitting on the wooden boardwalk stoop, and drinking at the saloon which was run by The Mandrake, a bar on La Cienega. The 31 dealers came from all over...Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Paris, Berlin, and so on. If you see this post quickly you can still go, as it's open today, Sunday, from 11-5. Here are some images from yesterday:

Above and below: Freedman Fitzpatrick installed this video piece by Shimabuku at the town jail.

Above and below: Two pieces by Patrick Jackson at Francois Ghelaby's space.

Above: Relaxing outside the saloon.

Above: What Pipeline, a dealer from Detroit extended their installation to the boardwalk.

Above: One of the artists shown by What Pipeline, Mary Ann Aitken.

Above: At Paradise Garage's space Lisa Anne Auerbach's knit pieces are shown next to Pae White's paper sculptures. The house is by another artist.

Above and below: Inside the saloon

Above and below: Philippe De Sablet in Night Gallery's space

Above: Alfred Borman at Fluxia, from Milan

Above: Loved this installation but neglected to write down the artist or gallery...If anyone knows please tell me.

Above: Chadwick Rantanen at Essex Street.

Above and below: Overduin & Co. shared the General Store with Balice Hertling.