Above: Luigi Ghirri, "Marina di Ravenna", 1986

Above: Luigi Ghirri

Above: Masao Yamamoto

Above: Furniture designed by Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen

Above: Charlie Johnstone, "Some New York Handball Courts", Fountain of Youth Playground, Bronx, 2010, from a show at Julie Saul Gallery. Through his eyes the walls become abstract paintings. In NYC's five boroughs it's estimated that there are 2,052 handball courts.

Above: Nicolas de Stael, "Marseilles Sous la Neige", 1954. This could almost be a section of the wall in the previous image.

Above: Nicolas de Stael, "Tempete"

Above: Nicolas de Stael, Untitled 1952, oil on cardboard. The colors in this painting share a palette with the Manet below.

Above and below: Edouard Manet, "The Railway" 1872-73. It's the last painting by Manet of his favorite model, painter Victorine Meurent, who was the model for "Olympia" and "Luncheon on the Grass".

Above: John McLaughlin #14, 1972, MOCA. The black gives a tough edge to the softness of the blue. It's a great combination. You can see the black in the iron bars of the Manet painting, and in Victorine's coat too, with the girl's pale blue dress...a similar balance of black and blue.

Above and below: Malick Sidibe's studio, and a page from his scrapbook. He's used the black frames with the blue background for a dynamic display in the studio.

Above: Outside of Malick Sidibe's studio

Above: A Blue-Footed Booby

Above: Louise Fishman, "A Certain Marvelous Thing" 2007

Above: Pablo Picasso, "Two Acrobats with a Dog", 1905, gouache on board, collection MOMA.

Above: Lee Bontecou, "Flower" 1987 at Daniel Weinberg Gallery.

Above: Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), "Fuji"

Above: Roger Hilton (1911-1975), "Grey Day by the Sea, February 1960"

Above: John Zurier, "A Spring a Thousand Years Ago" 2012

Above: John Zurier, "Muuratsalo 4" 2009

Above: Photo of ice, Central Park, NYC, 2013

Above: Fumi Koike, "Cloudy Weather"

Above: Kent Shiraishi, "Frozen Pond & First Snow", Hokkaido, Japan, November 18 2012

Above: Lotus Land, Montecito

Above: Unknown...can be traced back here.

Above: Masao Yamamoto photo. He's written about his work here.

Above: Kate Nicholson, "Leaf Jug, St. Ives, 1957, at the Belgrave St. Ives Gallery. Kate Nicholson is the daughter of Ben and Winifred Nicholson, grand daughter of William Nicholson, all artists who've been included in my earlier posts.

Above: Kate Nicholson's mother, Winifred Nicholson painted this, "Calees" in the 1950s. As she says about this location "Cumberland is nicer than Dorset, the sky is higher up". You can see Winifred's painting of Kate as a child here. This is from the book "Winifred Nicholson" by Christopher Andreae.

Above: John Constable, "Extensive Landscape With Grey Clouds", collection Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Colllection. 

Above: Laurent Weyl, Satkhira district, Bangladesh. This is the cover of "Climate Refugees", a book by the Argos Collective with images of the effect climate change is having on communities around the world.

Above: Louise Bourgeois, "Blue Days" 1996

Above: B. Wurtz, Untitled 1997

Above: Raoul Dufy, "L'Atelier de L'Impasse de Guelma" 

Above: Do Ho Suh, "The Perfect Home" (detail) 2003.

Above: B. Wurtz, Untitled 1997

Above: Alexander Calder Ring, 1938, Brass wire and glass, Calder Foundation, NY

Above: Do Ho Suh created a full scale model of his parents' home.

Above: A detail from the background of Alba Madonna by Raphael, painted in 1510...it's a misty mysterious place.

Above: Pablo Picasso, "Two Women Sitting at a Bar", 1902, Collection Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Above: The image from which "One Swimming Pool" by Ed Ruscha is derived. See the books below

Above: This group of nine books by Ed Ruscha, when taken apart and laid out in a grid,  will create the image of one full size swimming pool.

Above: Mitch Epstein, "Dad's Briefcase, Holyoke, Ma. 2000"

Above: James Welling Photogram "Flower 28", 2006

Above: Andrew Lord, "Eighteen Mexican Pieces", 1993

Above and below: These bottles were a present from Tina Chow to Diane Rosenstein. The label tells you everything.

"Drink Me! There is magic inside. Fill with spring water and charge in sunlight"

Above: Tom Wesselman, "Delphiniums and Daisies" 1989/92

Above: Anne Redpath, "Poppies and Daisies" 1943-47 

Above: Piet Mondrian, "The Red Cloud", 1907

Above: Petri dish

Above: Petri dish

Above: Cecile Daladier Vase. You can see more of her work here.

Above: Tiles and glass we've collected on the beach.

Above: John Constable, "Cloud Study 6" September 1822. 

Above: Do Ho Suh, "Specimen Series: New York City Apartment: 348 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011" (detail), polyester fabric, 2011

Above: Arthur Wesley Dow, from the series "Ipswich Days", "Shipyard Lane", cyanotype print, 1899. Cyanotype prints are made by putting a negative directly on the paper to make an exposure. After washing the chemicals out the blue image appeared. Dow chose this process for this series of photos  that he made for his friend Everett Stanley Hubbard because it gives an otherworldly cast, a dreamlike feeling. Ipswich was changing at the time, and he wanted to record it as it was.

Above: Also a Cyanotype, this was made by Anna Atkins in the 1850s, of a Pteris Rotundifolia (Jamaica) and it was published in the album "Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Plants and Ferns". Collection MOMA.

Above: Susan Derges, "Eden 15"

Above: Claude Monet "Waterloo Bridge, London" 1903. This painting was stolen from the Kunstal Museum in Rotterdam in October of 2012.

Above: Maurice Denis Chapel, adjacent to his home, the Priory. Denis (1870-1943) was a painter, a practicing Catholic, and a member of the Symbolist and Nabi movements. His theories about the flatness of the picture plane contributed to ideas behind cubism, fauvism, and abstract art.

Above: Maurice Denis "Holy Women Near the Tomb" (also known as L'Heure Bleue), 1894

Above: Allan Mitelman, Untitled, 2005

Above: Milton Avery, "Figures by the Sea" 1944

Above: James Abbott McNeill Whistler, "Seascape, Dieppe", 1884-86

Above: Fumi Koike illustration from her blog.

Above: Fumi Koike, "New Coat"

Above: Fumi Koike "Coffee Break"

Above: Maira Kalman from her NY Times blog, "The Principles of Uncertainty", August 2006.

Above: From New York Magazine's blog, Design Hunting, a cabin to rent in Provincetown, Mass.

Above: Kythnos, Cyclades, Greece

Above: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Above and below: Details of Japanese Boro textiles

Above: John Zurier, "Hellnar", 2012. 108" x 75". This is beautiful, but must be fantastic when you stand in front of it as the scale is enormous. 

Above: These tubes of oil paint seem so full of possibility.

Above: David Hockney painting one of his iconic pools.

Above: Pablo Picasso painting.

Above: This is a still from the film of Gerhard Richter painting.

Above: Found here.

Above: Maira Kalman, "Corbusier Sink" 2006

Above: Lois Dodd, "Pemaquid" August 10 1995.

Above: Lois Dodd, "Pemaquid", August 10 1995

Above: Detail from Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus", 1482-1485

Above: Cecil Beaton watercolor of Mona and Harrison Williams in their Palm Beach living room.

Above: Raoul Dufy, "Le Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes".

Above: Milton Avery

Above: Book cover designed by Alvin Lustig.

Above: Photo by Simon Perini of George Greenough.

Above: Steven Baker,  Screen shot of surf cam, El Porto.

Above: James Abbot McNeill Whistler, "Nocturne: Blue and Silver-Cremone Lights", 1872, Tate Gallery, London

Above: Alev Siesbye, Large Ceramic Bowl

Above: William Monaghan's home, Sag Harbor.

Above: Lucas Arruda

Above: Todd Hido

Above: Gustave Courbet, "Seacoast at Palavas" 1854 Musee Fabre Montpellier