Before it's over, try to get to the Judy Ledgerwood show which is on through April 24th at the 1301PE Gallery, 6150 Wilshire, in L.A. Intense color, intense patterns, a cross between 60's day glow and something you might find in Marrakesh. You see the influence of Warhol and Matisse in her work, yet she makes it her own. I particularly like the way she paints the walls in all of her exhibits, making each show a personal and unique installation.

These paintings are on canvas...

Andy Warhol's Flowers

Matisse Cut Outs...

Matisse Stained Glass in Chapelle du Rosaire

Judy Ledgerwood Stained Glass in Paris Metro Station.

These are photos from other Judy Ledgerwood exhibitions. You can hear her talk about her work, and see some beautiful photos of these and other installations at this link.

This is from the Tracy Williams Gallery in New York, which was in a townhouse in the West Village. The residential character of the space interacted with her work in an interesting way.

From a show at Dan Devening Projects, Chicago

Matisse's use of pattern is an abstraction of African and European Textiles that becomes the most arresting part of his Odalisques.

Matisse, Reclining Odalisque 1926...

Judy Ledgerwood, From 2005...Is This an Audience or...?