Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: A lotus pod at Lotus Land. Looks like friendly alien eyes.

Above and below: Inside a wave... "Green Room" screen grabs from this video.

Above: Jane Wilson, End of Winter: Watermill, 1985

Above: Winifred Nicholson, Sound of Rhum from Isle of Eigg, 1950s

Above: Georgia O' Keeffe, Sun Water Maine, 1922

Above: Edouard Manet, On The Beach, Boulogne-Sur-Mer, 1868

Above: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

Photo by Stephen Shore

Above: Stephen Shore, Ginger Shore, West Palm Beach Florida, November 14 1977. From his new book, Stephen Shore Selected Works 1973-1981.

Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: Sea foam green vinyl front seats , Santa Barbara

Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: From an installation at Creative Growth, Oakland

Above: Vintage surfing postcard

Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: Blue green glass at Lotus Land, Santa Barbara. Chunks of this glass edge many of the walkways there.

Above: Louise Fishman, oil on canvas. Fishman will have a show opening at Cheim & Read this fall, September 7 - October 28 2017.

Above: AD France, June/July 2017. Room at El Fenn Hotel, Marrakech

Photo by Steven Meisel

Above: AD France, June/July 2017. The book matched onyx makes a fantastic design in this bath by Marmol Radziner.

Above: Ben Nicholson, June 11 1949, (Cornish Landscape)

Above and below: Oscar Niemeyer, Casa das Canoas, 1952, Rio de Janieiro

Above: Architect Joao Filgueiras Lima (1931-2014) Office tower, Brasilia, 1980. Sun screen treatment.

Above: Craig Ellwood's Hunt House (1955-1957), Malibu

Above: Color chart from French book "Traite de la Coloration des Pates a Papier"

Above: Luna Moth

Above: Ceramic by Dame Lucie Rie (1902-1995)

Above: Fredrik Vaerslev, Installation view 2012

Above: Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), The large Piece of Turf, 1503

Above: At Katin Surf Shop, Seal Beach, Sato Hughes has been making canvas surf shorts since 1961. You can read more about Sato Hughes here. Love the pale green formica of her sewing table.

Above: A vintage pair of Katin shorts

Above: Fredrik Vaerslev

Above: Brice Marden, Grove Group, 1980

Above: "Tiny Room" at Soho House's High Road House in London, originally designed by Ilse Crawford in 2006 and revamped by Alexander Waterworth in 2014. This shade of green feels calm, restful. 

Above: Charles Darwin's rooms at Christ College, Cambridge. Photo from The World of Interiors, September 2009.

Above: Virginia and Leonard Woolf's living room, in their home, Monk's House, village of Rodmell, East Sussex, England. Rodmell is just a few miles from Charleston, home to Virginia's sister, Vanessa Bell, and much of the Bloomsbury group. The mint walls are a cool foil to the warm tones of the carpet and rose colored chair.

Photo by Tim Beddow

Above: On the Greek island of Patmos, this kitchen is in the residence of Stamatiki Stefanou-Stymfaliades. From World of Interiors, July 2017. 

Above: Lois Dodd, from her book "Catching The Light".

Above: Patricia Iglesias, Florecen 17, 2015. At Sears-Peyton Gallery

Above: Xala's Drop Bucket in pale green as seen on remodelista and available here.

Above and below: Italian bicycle company Bianchi is known for it's Bianchi Green.

Above: Edward Hopper, Compartment C, Car 293, 1938

Above: This London Tube car, put into service in 1938, was still in good shape when photographed here in the 1960s.

Above: This photo of Mick Jagger in mint came to my attention on Kendall Conrad's instagram.

Above: Screen grab of Brittany Leonard surfing

Above: James Turrell light installation

Above: Michael Eastman, San Lazaro, Havana, 1999-2002

Above: Sample for window blind treatment circa 1940, designed by Dorothy Liebes.

Above: Michael Eastman, 167 Havana, 2010

Above: Michael Eastman, 107 Havana, 2010

Above: Louise Fishman, Wintereisse, 2002

Above: Louise Fishman, detail, catalog cover from a show at Cheim and Read.

Above: Sense and Sensibility book cover designed by Leanne Shapton, Vintage Classic Austen Series

Above: Hylton Nel, Transitional Cat

Above: Fairfield Porter (1907-1975), Primroses and Goldenrod, 1966

Above: Mary Pratt, Vegetable Marrow, 1966

Above: Arthur Wesley Dow (1857-1922), Rain in May, 1905, color woodcut.

Above: Alex Katz from show at Gavin Brown, 2015

Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: Looking up at a tree in Lotus Land, Montecito

Above: Fairfield Porter, Birch Trees by a Window, 1968

Above: Laduree Macarons shop

Above: Michael Eastman, Deco Stairwell #2, Havana, 2014

Above: Mary Cassatt (1844-1926), Gathering Fruit, 1893, collection The Metropolitan Museum

Above: Evelyn Dunbar (1906-1960), A 1944 Pastoral: Land Girls Pruning at East Malling.  In 1940 Dunbar was appointed by the War Artists' Advisory Committee as an official war artist. Her job was to record "Civilian contributions to the war effort on the home front". Her frequent subjects were the Women's Voluntary Service and the Women's Land Army.

Above: Luigi Ghirri, Modena, 1973

Above: Luigi Ghirri Modena (Serie: Catalogo), 1971, Mai 36

Above: Monica Vitti, scene from Antonioni's Red Desert, 1964

Above: Winifred Nicholson, Roman Road, (Landscape with two houses), 1926. Collection Kettle's Yard.

Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: Tablecloth from fabric by Raoul Textile, Santa Barbara. Ceramic dish left by Uplifter Ceramics. Ceramic dish right by Magdalena Frimkess

Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: Little ceramic cups from Uplifter Ceramics with an Oribe glaze. 

Photo by Laura Clayton Baker

Above: Sculptural rock

Above: Detail from Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti, a utopian town in Arizona.

Above: Vogue, July, 1948

Photo by Louise Dahl-Wolf

Above: Gretchen Harris in black maillot by Greta Paltry and cap by Adolfo, 1957. 

Above: Gerhard Richter, Eis, 1981. A tour of Greenland's icebergs inspired this piece.

Above: Pierre Huyghe's site specific commission at the Metropolitan Museum roof garden, NYC, 2015.

Above: Mary Heilmann, Beach Break, 2008

Above: Cy Twombly, Untitled (Peony Blossom Paintings), 2007, 99" x 217"

Above: Cy Twombly, 1986

Above: Ivon Hitchens (1893-1979), Untitled, 1976

Above: Etel Adnan, Untitled, 2014

Above: Verner Panton, Lobby of German publishing house Spiegel Verlaghaus, 1969.

Above: Milton Avery, Lilies, 1943

Above: David Hockney, My Parents, 1977, collection Tate Museum. Hockney's dad, Kenneth Hockney, was politically engaged. He waged war against smoking, and wrote regularly to world leaders such as Eisenhower, Mao, and Stalin, sharing his thoughts. His mother, Laura Hockney, was a willing subject of many portraits.

Above: The Green Party, perhaps a cause Kenneth Hockney would have embraced.

Below: An illustration from a wonderful William Steig book, "Gorky Rises".


  1. Laura I've been obsessing over green lately and this collection put me over the edge! xo, Liza

  2. This is one of my favorite painting-box installments ever! Gorgeous, cool and minty. ❤️ Sally

  3. Wonderful greens, love the wide range of your choices. Always something new to explore!

  4. A beautiful series - makes me want to go to Lotus Land and makes me laugh that Gorky rising is the last image (given the news). Thanks for this - a lovely way to wake up today.

  5. So funny...I love that book and hadn't thought about that meaning! I love all of Steig's kid's books. Lotus Land is fantastic. Thanks for writing!

  6. Michael Bortman8/27/17, 5:47 PM

    So beautiful, Laura, and at a time when green is desperately needed, and not just any green, either. And your favorite rock!

    1. Thanks Michael!
      Glad I found a spot for that rock!

  7. laura , bravo pour ce merveilleux voyage dans le beau , je suis ravie de vous retrouver sur Instagram pour voir plus d'images de vous ! et merci de votre attention .
    Annie , lucinda and David Schiff parisian friend's . Missing lucinda, but she made me discover your blog:)

  8. So glad you told me that it was Lucinda who connected us...such an amazing person and very much missed. Thanks for writing.

  9. Thanks Laura, I love this!

  10. As always, so inspiring. Google painter Olivier Rouault's work; you'll want to add him to this post. ;-)