Above: Irving Penn, Summer Sleep, 1949

 Above: Sun tea we made on a very hot day visiting friends in the country.

Above: Wiliam Eggleston, Biloxi, Mississippi, 1974

Above: Central Park, July 2012

Above: Unknown

Above: Tomatoes at the Santa Barbara farmer's market.

Above: Pages from one of our vacation sketchbooks.

Above: Alice Mumford. Though this painting isn't on her Gallery's site, other pieces are.

Above: From Rooms to Inspire by the Sea by Annie Kelly with photos by Tim Street-Porter. This is from Chris Mead and Zoe Hoare's Sagaponack home. Those blue pitchers look as though they're waiting to be filled with bunches of flowers from the back yard.

Above: A Kitchen from the Light Locations site.

Above: An illustration from the cookbook "1080 Recipes" by Simone and Ines Ortega, illustrations by Javier Mariscal. This drawing creates a place I'd love to be.

Above: From a book by Francois Halard, this was taken in Cy Twombly's studio.

Above: From Rooms to Inspire by the Sea. This is John Derian's Living Room in Provincetown, looking out at the bay.

Above: Another image from Rooms to Inspire by the Sea. This is part of Richard Shapiro's Broad Beach home.

Above: John Singer Sargent, A Hotel Room, after 1900. This room looks like a cool retreat on a hot day.

Above: Henri Matisse, Window, 1916

Above: Unknown

Above: Edward Hopper, Rooms by the Sea, 1951

Above: Fairfield Porter, Boy at Breakfast, Parrish Art Museum, Southampton.

Above: Henri Matisse, Girls in a Yellow and Red Interior, 1947

Above: Milton Avery, Adolescence, 1947

Above: Ivon Hitchens, Summer Bouquet, Blue Vase, 1940

Above: Robert De Niro Sr., Last Painting, 1985-1993

Above: I was looking through Rooms to Inspire by the Sea when I happily came across this photo Tim Street-Porter took in our Kitchen! It's our sea glass collection, housed in a variety of wooden containers. 

Above: Part of last summer's beach collection.

Above: From our sketchbook, rocks with holes in them.

Above: A quiet moment on a nearby baseball field. 

Above: Maureen Gallace painting. I can't find the name or date, but you can see more of her work here.

Above: Edward Hopper, High Road, 1931

Above: This is a lovely spot in Provincetown on Cape Cod. The way the driveway between the houses is covered in grass is strikingly beautiful.

Above: Maureen Gallace, Icy Farm House, 2000, at 303 Gallery.

Above: Maureen Gallace, Cape Cod, 2008, at 303 Gallery.

Above: Fairfield Porter, The Dog at the Door, 1977, Parrish Art Museum.

Above: Robert De Niro, Sr., Landscape with Houses, 1968.

Above: You can just see my friend's house beyond the view of the seed capsules of a poppy. The blurred house is quite a bit like the houses in the De Niro painting above.

Above: Wild roses, Cape Cod

Above: Gustav Klimt, Farm Garden with Sunflowers, 1912

Above and below: Chamomile Flowers...a summer favorite, as they're delicate and have a natural wild look.

Above: On our Dining Table, white porcelain by Julia Haft-Candell from IKO IKO has the appeal of a child's drawing. The basket weave handle is a perfect place to put small flower stems.

Above: Egon Schiele, Sunflower, 1916, Collection of the Neue Gallerie, New York.

Above: Maureen Gallace, January Flowers.

Above: Walter Anderson, Goldenrod on Horn Island.

Above: Lichen on rocks at Porth Cwyfan near Aberffraw.

Above: Lichen

Above: Qi Wei, Exploded Flowers, as seen in Anthology Magazine.

Above: Fireflies at night by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu. There are many more astounding pictures on his site.

Above: Looking at Queen Anne's Lace from underneath.

Above: Unknown

Above: Path to beach, Wellfleet

Above: A family photo of me with my parents. I've always loved the flower dress my mom has on in this picture, and the one I'm wearing as well.

Above: A vintage jacket we found at American Rag.

Above: Adolphe Valette (1876-1942), Femme et Fleurs, 1937

Above: Liberty Tana Lawn fabric, "Poppy and Daisy".

Above: At Hollywood at Home they've used Lisa Fine's "Samode" Indigo on Oyster, paperbacked, on the wall. 

Above: A net like drapery fabric from Pindler & Pindler feels very summery.

Above: Schumacher makes this gauzy shear with an embroidered detail.

Above: The way gauze filters late afternoon light makes shadows that look like a window. 

Above: Unknown

Above: Beach Dunes, Cape Cod, 2012

Above: Nicolas De Stael

Above: Winslow Homer, Schooners at Anchor, 1880 

Above: Lucas Arruda, 2011

Above: Catherine Opie, Untitled #10, (Surfers), 2003

Above: Walter Anderson

Above: My husband's sketchbook page of waves.

Above: Harry Callahan, Cape Cod

Above: Sir John Lavery (1856-1941), Morning After Storm, The Beach Tangier

Above: Fairfield Porter, Beach

Above: Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975)


  1. So beautiful, Laura--just like you.

  2. your blog is consistently terrific

  3. There are scenes I recognize from previous visits (e.g. Wellfleet, including the shot of the man heading up the dunes}. What is so nice about that shot and so many of the pictures you've included is that one can see oneself in that scene, physically as well as emotionally. Your slideshow soothes the soul. Thank you.

    Allen Clark

  4. Such a lovely set of images, beautiful transitions.

  5. Matisse & Fairfield Porter seem like old friends now, thanks to you. And a new one: Robert DeNiro Sr. -- how Matisse-like he was! And Steve's work is beautiful -- such a pleasure to see it.
    Only Egon Schiele could make sunflowers look sad.
    But the photo of you and your parents is incredibly warm and alive.
    Again: brava!