Above: I found this photo at the Rose Bowl...reminded me of long summer afternoons looking up at the clouds. Jonathan Richman's song That Summer Feeling captures the sensation. So does this from Donovan.

Above: William Eggleston photo, Memphis, Tennessee, 1975

Above: Florine Stettheimer "Picnic at Bedford Hills", 1918.

Above: Unknown 

Above: Milton Avery, Porch and Chairs, 1944

Above: Taken at a friend's house this summer. An idyllic place with a long roped swing hanging from the tree.

Above: Fairfield Porter, July, 1971, Spencer Museum of Art

Above: Henri Matisse, Tea in the Garden, 1919, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Above: Photo found here. The chairs were first designed in Buenos Aires by three designers; Antonio Bonet, Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, and Juan Kurchan. Originally named the BKR Chair after it's three designers, it's now best known as the Butterfly Chair. 

Above: I just had covers made for our Butterfly Chairs in a heavy weight hemp. Not great for the rain, but we don't get much in the summer, and I can throw it in the washing machine and dryer.

Above: Another chair in our garden. We got this years ago at Surfing Cowboys in Venice, and just had it rewoven. Hollywood at Home is currently making an excellent reproduction of this chair.

Above: A favorite spot of mine.

Above: Milton Avery Bridge to the Sea, 1937. Found the image here.

Above: Scene from Pierrot Le Fou by Jean-Luc Godard, 1965.

Above: Neil Young's On The Beach

Above: Image from the book My Cool Caravan by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon, photos by Hilary Walker. This is the Airstream Bambi 422, a vintage re-issue.

Above: Winslow Homer, The Tent (Summer by the Sea), East Hampton, 1874.

Above: From my husband's sketch book...beach scenes, Todos Santos, Baja California.

Above: Barbara Ess, 1985, from the Aperture book "I Am Not This Body".

Above: Photo by our friend Jaime Willett at Rincon beach.

Above: A few of our balanced rock sculptures.

Above: Bill Brandt Nude, East Sussex Coast, 1959

Above: Winslow Homer, Eagle Head, Manchester, Massachusetts (High Tide), 1870

Above: Milton Avery, Loungers on Pink Beach, 1944.

Above: Henri Lebasque, Deux Filles Sur La Plage, 1920-22.

Above: Vintage surfboards

Above: From our sketchbook.

Above: Don James, from the book San Onofre to Point Dume, 1936-1942, published by T. Adler Books. The photo is from 1942 of Hugo Walters and Ann Green.

Above: From our sketchbook.

Above: Pantelleria Island, Sicily, photo by Alamy for the Guardian UK.

Above: Via flickr

Above: Wellfleet pond

Above: Taken at a friend's house, this is the perfect hammock setting.

Above: Michelle and John Phillips, Bel Air.

Above: William Steig for the New Yorker

Above: Winslow Homer, Sunlight and Shadow,1872, collection Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

Above: House represented by Light Locations

Above: Taken on a Cape Cod path to a local pond.

Above: Leanne Shapton, Titicus Reservoir, NY, June 8th 2008, 9:03 a.m. This is from her series for the NY Times, Sunday Walks.

Above: Henri Lebasque (1865-1937) Woman Reading in a Garden via here.

Above: Fairfield Porter, Farmhouse, Great Spruce Head Island, 1954, Parrish Art Museum

Above: Taken in the Cape Cod woods.

Above: Henri Lebasque (1865-1937), Jeune Femme Lisant Sous un Arbre

Above: From Leanne Shapton's book The Native Trees of Canada.

Above: From Leanne Shapton's NY Times series, Sunday Walks. This is Glasbury, Wales, June 1 2008, 2:50 p.m.

Above: Walter Anderson, Horn Island, 1960

Above: A chair at the Colony, Wellfleet, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. 

Above: Holiday cover, July 1949

Above: Very cheerful playground we found at a school in Todos Santos, Baja California.

Above: Bicycle catalog from 1952

Above: Scene from Pierrot Le Fou by Jean-Luc Goddard, 1965.

Above: Image from the book My Cool Caravan by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon, photos by Hilary Walker. This is a Monza 1000 from the 1970s.

Above and below: We visited Portland a couple of summers ago, and came across these abandoned train tracks. 

Above: An abandoned railroad car was overgrown with wildflowers.

Above: There were blackberries growing alongside the train tracks.

Above: In the woods I found a wrecked car that was being swallowed up by vines.

END PART 1 more to follow soon


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  2. Oh, you are great Laura. Wonderful images for a hot summer.

  3. Laura---you contributed to my anticipation and feeling of summer--thank you!
    For obvious reasons, love the picture looking along the easeway to the umbrella and ocean.
    But the balanced rock structures followed by the Bill Brandt nude photo are a wonderful combination.

  4. thank you laura! now I have summer!xx

  5. Wonderful! Almost every other image made me want to say -- oh, that's my favorite!